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ISCBI International Symposium & Workshop, Korea, Sept 2019

The open ISCBI international symposium co-organised with Professor Jihwan Song of GAiT-Korea at the CHA University campus in Pangyo, Korea 24th September, attracted 160 delegates from 12 countries. This symposium, with 11 high level speakers from 7 countries, attracted the attention of numerous Korean news channels and other media. On the following day, 50 ISCBI members travelled from Seoul to Osong to attend a one-day ISCBI workshop co-organised with Dr Lydia Koo and Dr Jung-Hyun Kim of the Korean National Institutes of Health. Bank and industry reports were also submitted for a virtual update. Delegates were impressed by the scale of the Korean human biobanking operations during a tour of the Korean Biobank building and the KNIH Cell Therapy Centre. The tour was

followed a series of workshop sessions on hPSC donor data and management of genetic data in different jurisdictions, genetic testing and Cost of Goods for stem cell banking.

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