ISCBI Documents

ISCBI's GDPR/ Privacy Policy

Through submissions in ISCBI online platforms or forms managed by ISCBI, you are voluntarily transmitting personal data, which will be collected, saved and processed in accordance with the most recent legislation on data protection (EU-GDPR 2018). The following document provides information on how ISCBI uses and stores data that it collects. 

hPSCreg-ISCBI Regulatory Primed Cell Lines Questionnaire

A call for implementation of the standard pluripotent stem cell (hPSC) nomenclature in scientific publications.

Questionnaire on "Costs of Generating hPSCs"

A questionnaire on costs of generating hPSCs. Please download and complete the questionnaire and email it to Steve Oh ( and Jung-Hyun Kim (

Formal policy on ISCBI letters of support for grant applications.

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