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Meeting Reports

ISCBI Zoom Conference Recordings

In 2020 ISCBI switched to Zoom virtual conferencing and these will continue as a supplement to face to face meetings.

ISCBI members can access ISCBI meeting recordings by contacting

Workshop I - May 2023

inStem- ISCBI Workshop on Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Research

Osong Korea, September 2019

ISCBI Workshop on Management of Stem Cell Data, Genetic Testing of hPSC Lines and Cost of Goods Considerations for hPSC Banking.

Los Angeles (USA), June 2019

Summary from the ISCBI/ISCI meeting, Broad CIRM Center in Los Angeles, 30th June 2019




Melbourne (Australia), June 2018

Proceedings of the Melbourne 2018 ISCBI meeting, 24-25 June 2018

Boston (USA), June 2017

Report of the International Stem Cell Banking Initiative Workshop Activity: Current Hurdles and Progress in Seed-Stock Banking of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells.

Kim J-H, Kurtz A, Yuan B-Z, Zeng F, Lomax G, Loring JF, HYEON JU JI, Clarke L, Inamdar MS, Pera M. Firpo MT, Sheldon M, Rahman N, O’Shea O, Pranke P, Zhou Q, Isasi R, Rungsiwiwut R, Kawamata S, Oh S, Ludwig T, Masui T, Novak TJ, Takahashi T, Fujibutchi W, Koo,SK, Stacey GN, (2017)

SCTM, 6; 1956-1962.


San Francisco, June 2016 and Seoul, October 2016

File to be uploaded shortly. 

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