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The ISCBI runs informal workshops every year at different locations around the world. Previous events have been in Boston (2017), San Francisco (2016), Soeul (2016), Melbourne (June 2018) and Los Angeles (June 2019). The next meeting is in Seoul/Osong in September 2019.

We run sessions of the ISCBI workshops in coordination with various organisations and groups including ISSCR, CIRM, GAiT and Coredinate. We welcome new collaborations and support from the broadest spectrum of groups interested in stem cell applications.


We have a strong interest in training activities and welcome new opportunities to work with educational, government and commercial organisations. Contact glyn.stacey@iscbi.org


hPSCreg Development for Clinical Applications

15th July 2020

1pm UK BST

Zoom Meeting

This session took place on 15th July at 1pm UK BST (9am US Western/2pm CEST/11pm Japan). The topic was the new developments for the hPSCreg database including the new clinical trial database. 

The panel:

  • Elsa Abranches, UK Stem Cell Bank, NIBSC-MHRA, UK

  • Rosario Isasi, University of Miami, USA

  • Chair: Andreas Kurtz, Berlin-Brandenburg School for Regenerative Therapies/IBMT, Germany

  • Nancy Mah, Berlin-Brandenburg School for Regenerative Therapies/IBMT, Germany

  • Convener: Glyn Stacey, ISCBI.


  • Instructions for delegate interaction and introduction to Chair Andreas Kurtz (G Stacey) - 2 mins

  • Andreas Kurtz introduction to the panel members (G Stacey) - 5 mins

  • Presentations introduced by Andreas Kurtz (panel members)- 40 mins

    • hPSCreg international perspectives, Andreas Kurtz

    • New hPSC-based clinical trials database and registration of hPSCs for cell therapy, Nancy Mah

  • Panel comments on presentations (A Kurtz) – 5 mins

  • Q&A: review of delegates zoom-chat questions and panel responses NB focussing on criteria for  (A Kurtz) – 15mins

  • Conclusion and date of next meeting Review meeting concludes (G Stacey)

ISCBI 2020 virtual update

As in 2019 the ISCBI annual review and Institutional updates will be made available as a virtual set of presentations for all members to review. 

We hope this will provide an ongoing resource and will promote opportunities for collaboration. The ISCBI Steering Group will be asked to select a number of updates for an on-line ISCBI session with priority given to those addressing new issues, developments of relevance to hPSC biobanking or reports from new hPSC banks. This session will be supported by an expert review panel and will run later in the summer. Sponsors are welcome to submit updates.

ISCBI review for 2019-2020 & launch of the ISCBI 2020 virtual update

ISCBI held the first of its online meetings on 1st July 2020. 


This session summarised ISCBI meetings in 2019 and new working group initiatives. It also launchws the ISCBI 2020 Virtual Update session, summarising the contributions and purpose of this resource. The meeting was recorded so members who were unable to attend could watch the meeting at their convenience. 

July 1st Panel:

Rosario Isasi (University of Miami)

Andreas Kurtz (Berlin-Brandenburg School for Regenerative Therapies/IBMT)

Tennielle Ludwig (WiCell)

Steve Oh (A Star)

Martin Pera (Jackson Laboratories)

Glyn Stacey (ISCBI coordinator)


  1. Introduction to panel and instructions for delegate interaction, G Stacey

  2. Overview of the LA and Korean meetings and new ISCBI bursaries, G Stacey, 10-15 mins

  3. Comments from the panel on the 2019 meetings, 10mins

  4. Summary of Virtual updates 2020, G Stacey, 5mins

  5. Other ISCBI developments during 2019 and plans for 2020,  G Stacey, 5mins

  6. Q&A: review of delegates zoom-chat questions and panel member responses, 15mins

ISCBI Spring 2020 Meeting

Spring 2020, 

Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciencecs, Beijing


ISCBI is now planning with the Institute of Zoology (IOZ) - Chinese Academy of Sciences to hold the meeting at the newly opened Innovation Academy for Stem Cells and Regeneration on the IOZ campus in Beijing. Dates and programme will be confirmed in due course. The situation locally and for international travel to China is being reviewed regularly by ISCBI with the local hosts and updates will be posted on the website and emailed to the ISCBI community.

ISCBI June 2020 Meeting

28th June 2020

Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Boston, USA


This meeting will now be a virtual meeting

Due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic the Face to face meeting in Boston is cancelled and ISCBI will instead run on-line sessions in June-July and preliminary details will appear on the website and by email by the end of April. Dates and on-line system are being secured now and will be publicised on the website and by email to the ISCBI community.

ISCBI Workshop

30th June 2019, 08:00-12:30

Los Angeles, USA

ISCI Programme on Genetic Stability of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Lines
Qualification of Raw Materials for Culture of Pluripotent Stem Cell Lines for Human Application

ISCBI Symposium / Workshop

24th - 25th September 30th June 2019

Soul & Osong, Korea

A two-day interactive meeting. 

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