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ISCBI ISCI Meeting 2022

Venue: Marriott Marquis - Golden Gate Ballroom, 780 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 

June 19th 2022, 13:45-17:00 PDT

Registration closed

ISCBI / ISCI Meeting 2022




13:45 ISCI-ISCBI sessions start

13:45 Welcome on behalf of ISCBI and outline for the day, Glyn Stacey

13:50 Update/discussion on ISCI activity, Martin Pera

14:30 Update/discussion on ISCBI activity, Glyn Stacey


14:50 -17:00 Session - Feedback on Recommendations in ISSCR Standards:


  14:50 -15:20 Basic Characterisation Standards for hPSC: Chaired by Lyn Healy

  15:20 -15:50 Genome Characterisation: Chaired by Ivana Barbaric

  15:50 -16:20 Undifferentiated Stem Cells and Pluripotency: Chaired by Martin Pera

  16:20 -16:50 Stem Cell Derived Model Systems - Chaired by Andreas Kurtz

  16:50 -17.00 Summary of next steps, G Stacey and T Ludwig and close of meeting.  


Output: Written summary from ISCI and ISCBI sessions including feedback on ISSCR standards.

Please note: those who have not registered for the ISSCR Standards meeting 08.30-13.30h will not have access to the meeting hall until the ISSCR meeting ends at 13.30


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