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Upcoming ISCBI Webinars - 20/21

Updated: Jan 22

Updated: Jan 5 2021

On our events page, you can access details of upcoming meetings as well as passed meetings in our archive. For the most up to date communications, we recommend you sign up to our newsletter here.

Thank you to all who have registered and taken part in the ISCBI Virtual Updates and Webinars since the global Covid-19 Pandemic hit in 2020. Recordings of the Webinars and speaker presentations are available on an online Drive. Please contact admin@ISCBI.org if you would like to request access to that.

As a forecast for the beginning of 2021, please see listed details below for upcoming ISCBI Webinars:

  1. 26th January 2021: The suitability of recombinant vector manufacture for genetically modified lines and iPSCs intended for use in cell-based medicines. Confirmed speakers so far are Piers Walser (NHSBT Biotechnology Centre, UK) and Tony Hitchcock (Cobra Therapeutics, UK).

  2. March 2021 (Date TBC): topic to be confirmed

  3. April 2021 23rd-25th: ISCBI meeting on hPSC-based manufacturing. This meeting will also include collaborations with hPSCreg, ISCI and the Chinese Society for Stem Cell Research. We hope this will be a combination of on-line and physical attendance and there may be opportunities for exhibition stands which will be confirmed soon.

  4. Summer 2021 (Date TBC): ISCBI virtual workshop (topic to be confirmed)

  5. September 2021 (Date TBC): ISCBI workshop hosted by the KSSCR meeting organisers (Topic TBC)

  6. April 2022 1st April: ISCBI Workshop on the assessment and utility of epigenetic in stability and controlled differentiation in stem cell banking. Local hosts will be Professors Benjamin Reubinoff and Nissim Benvenisty.

Any suggestions for future topics or any other queries, please do not hesitate to get in contact.



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