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Registration open for ISCBI Training Webinar: Donor & cell line data management

15th March 2023 14:00 GMT

This training webinar involves experts in the field to explore generic principles and case studies involving the ethical, legal and technical aspects of data management. This is a collaboration between ISCBI and hPSCreg and will be followed by a series of workshops exploring different aspects of this topic and sharing further case studies from other programmes.

Introduction to the training series: Dr Glyn Stacey, International Stem Cell Banking Initiative.

Introduction to Chairs: Dr Andreas Kurtz, Fraunhofer-IBMT and Dr Yaojin Peng, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

  • Principles of FAIRification of scientific data. Dr Nancy Mah, Fraunhofer-IBMT, 10min plus 2min Q&A

  • Overarching ethical principles for management of donor and cell line data. Dr Rosario Isasi, University of Miami, 10min plus 2min Q&A

  • The operation of hPSCreg donor and cell line data management. Dr Antonie Fuhr, Fraunhofer-IBMT, 10min plus 2min Q&A.

  • Chinese perspective on data sharing, Dr YJ Peng, CAS, China, 10min plus 2min Q&A (title to be confirmed)

  • Experiences with Donor data for iPSC derivation, Prof Joel Glover, Oslo University, Norway. (title to be confirmed)

  • Audience Q&A with Panel members 10-20min.

  • Panel discussion on key elements of a road map for data control, 20mins

  • Chair summary and session close

  • ISCBI convener announces future webinars and closes meeting.

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