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Conference on human pluripotent stem cell-based medicines

21st – 26th April 2021


Hosted by


The Chinese Society for Stem Cell Research and the Institute for Stem Cell and Regeneration, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing

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Development of vectors for genetic modification and manufacture of iPSC-based cell-based medicines

26th January 2021

1pm GMT (UK)

Zoom Meeting

Session chairs:

  • Laurence Daheron (Harvard Stem Cell Institute)

  • Lyn Healy (Francis Crick Institute)


  •  Rahim Ahad (University College London)

  •  Gwenael CireFice/Laurent Mallet (EDQM)

  •  Bob Deans (Synthego)

  •  Tony Hitchcock (Cobra Therapeutics)

  •  Yoji Sato (Japanese National Institute for Health Sciences)

  •  Glyn Stacey (ISCBI convener)

  •  Piers Walser (NHSBT Clinical Biotechnology Centre)  

Agenda (10-15 mins per speaker):

  • Welcome and Introduction (Glyn Stacey)

  • Manufacture of reprogramming plasmids and gene therapy vectors within a public health programme. Piers Walser (NHSBT Clinical Biotechnology Centre

  • Key issues in the manufacture of gene therapy vectors. Tony Hitchcock (Cobra Therapeutics- Cognate Bioservices)

  • Delivery of qualified gene editing complexes for ex vivo gene therapy. Bob Deans (Synthego)

  • Development of translational research towards the clinic. Rahim Ahad (University College London)

  • EDQM text on recombinant viral vectored vaccines. Gwenael Cirefice/Laurent Mallet (European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines and HealthCare).


Panel discussion (15-20mins):

  • Chairs facilitate Q&A with panel

Follow up, upcoming ISCBI meetings and close (10 mins):

  • Glyn Stacey

 If you have any questions or would be interested to get involved in a future online session, please email
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The ISCBI team

Networking Event

ISCBI Spring 2020 Meeting

Spring 2020, 

Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciencecs, Beijing

POSTPONED to April 2021 

ISCBI is now planning with the Institute of Zoology (IOZ) - Chinese Academy of Sciences to hold the meeting at the newly opened Innovation Academy for Stem Cells and Regeneration on the IOZ campus in Beijing. Dates and programme will be confirmed in due course. The situation locally and for international travel to China is being reviewed regularly by ISCBI with the local hosts and updates will be posted on the website and emailed to the ISCBI community.

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hSPCreg Committee of National Representatives Symposium

Session chairs:

  • Andreas Kurtz, hPSCreg

  • Anna Veiga, Barcelona Stem Cell Bank (Centre for Regenerative Medicine in Barcelona)

Programme 14.00-15.30h CET:

  • Welcome and delegate information, Glyn Stacey (ISCBI, UK)

  • Introduction to co-chair and speakers for the session, Andreas Kurtz (hPSCreg)

  • The role of the hPSCreg Committee of National Representatives, Andreas Kurtz (hPSCreg)

  • Presentation of perspectives from CNR Representatives:

    • China, Yaojin Peng, Institute of Zoology Biomedical Ethics Committee (Chinese Academy of Sciences), PRC

    • Hungary, Andras Dinnyes, Biolentum, Budapest, Hungary

    • The Netherlands, Christian Freund, Leiden University Medical Centre, The Netherlands

    • Spain, Anna Veiga, Barcelona Stem Cell Bank (Centre for Regenerative Medicine in Barcelona), Spain

    • UK, Elsa Abranches, UK Stem Cell Bank (NIBSC-MHRA), UK

    • USA, Tenneille Ludwig, USA

  • Q&A with the panel via Chat questions mediated by Andreas Kurtz and Anna Veiga

  • Summing up from the Q&A, hPSCreg notices and thanks to speakers - Andreas Kurtz

  • ISCBI notices, dates for future meetings, close of meeting – Glyn Stacey

  • Chat room will be left open for 20mins for individual chat contacts

 If you have any questions or would be interested to get involved in a future online session, please email
Best regards
The ISCBI team

7th December 2020

2pm CET (GER)

Zoom Meeting


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